Swan River Rowing Club Membership

The Swan River Rowing Club has a diverse membership encompassing elite, development, social, veteran and school rowing groups. We welcome new members in all categories if they embrace our club’s ethics. If you are interested in joining Swans, contact the club registrar.

2019 Membership


Competitive Senior and Masters Rowers
$ 825 pa
Students & Recreational Rowers
$ 550 pa
International Rowers $100 pm – enquire to club
$ 100 pa
Gym only $ 50pm – enquire to club

Our financial year is October – September.

Complete the Payment Form when paying your fees.

You may fit one of our special membership categories. Apply to the club for further information.

  • Lower rates apply for both existing and new year 12s.
  • School rowers applying in April and July pay pro-rata fees.
  • Rowers training for Nationals October-March pay an additional Nationals loading.
  • International elite rowers here for periods up to 3 months pay a monthly fee.


Applicants for membership need to complete a Nomination Form (with support from a member), pay a $100 (Senior) or $50 (Student) Nomination Fee.

Click SRRC Nomination for Membership Form to download a membership application form. You can pay your nomination fee in cash or direct credit.

Introductory program

Prospective members may take up an introductory month of rowing for $50 children or students/$100 adult. This entitles the prospective member to try club facilities for a month, rowing once or twice a week normally on a weekend.  Prospective members can only row after first registering with the club registrar. Note that the intro program is intended for young novice rowers, their parents and athletes wanting to try a new sport.

Click SRRC Introduction Form to download a form for our introductory (learn to row) programme.

Temporary membership

Rowers visiting from other clubs for periods less than 1 month may apply for temporary membership. Anyone intending to row with Swans for longer than this must nominate for membership.

Click SRRC temp member to download a form for temporary membership.



The Swan River Rowing Club

The Swan River Rowing Club (SRRC) is located next to the Canning Bridge in Applecross, just south of the Perth CBD in Western Australia.

The club has a lovely hall for hire with river views that can be used for weddings, special occasions and corporate functions. Looking for a team building function to enable confidence, trust and communication in your workplace? Try the Swans' Corporate Rowing Program.

Contact Us

Swan River Rowing Club
2 The Esplanade
Mount Pleasant, WA
Club House Phone: (08) 9316-8812
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