Would you like to build confidence, trust and communication in your workplace?

Build Real Teamwork

We can introduce your work groups to real teamwork and increase their self esteem. Your staff will experience achievements they thought beyond them. They will discover a new world on the river, making a boat move fast. They will get fitter and they will go through pain and blisters… and love it. They will rub shoulders with Olympians; learn about high levels of commitment and the pursuit of excellence with others. They will understand many new things about their co-workers that will lead to a better relationship.

Workmates will experience how a crew benefits from everyone’s contribution and how to strengthen a team’s weaker links. They will be surprised at the contribution and resilience of themselves and others. The experience will change the way they work together. Your staff will be buzzing with their experiences of early morning rowing. Long after the program is finished they will be confident they can achieve great things together. They will learn the way we are all supposed to… by doing and experiencing… by proving to themselves that ‘they can’.

Our rowing program will exceed the impact of other corporate team building programs that cost many times more. For just $9000 + GST per crew of nine (with cox), your staff will get the benefit of a whole month with our experienced coaches and specialist equipment. The program will start with an introductory cocktail party on Sunday 18 September 2016 and finish with a regatta on 23 October 2016.

The Basic Components of Our Program

  • Cocktail party to introduce everyone, set the rules, times and expectations
  • Early morning coaching sessions 3 times/week for a month. We will teach boat handling, technique, fitness and race tactics/psychology. Every crew will be professionally coached
  • Corporate regatta followed by a BBQ and awards ceremony.

Head of the Canning

In 2016 the SRRC corporate program is partnering with Curtin University, for the inaugural ‘Head of the Canning’. Click here to view the flyer and here for the FAQ.


The Swan River Rowing Club

The Swan River Rowing Club (SRRC) is located next to the Canning Bridge in Applecross, just south of the Perth CBD in Western Australia.

The club has a lovely hall for hire with river views that can be used for weddings, special occasions and corporate functions. Looking for a team building function to enable confidence, trust and communication in your workplace? Try the Swans' Corporate Rowing Program.

Contact Us

Swan River Rowing Club
2 The Esplanade
Mount Pleasant, WA
Club House Phone: (08) 9316-8812
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